Community Outreach Program: Smokey Springs

On Saturday, September 17, 2011, we visitied Smokey Springs Assisted Living with our miniature Sicilian Donkey, Gambit (a.k.a. NotoriAss) and our miniature horse, Cole.
The residents were joyful to meet and greet our little ones who provided them with a few hours of entertainment.  All who participated were able to pet and groom the babies,  learn all about our little organization, play some fun games, win fabulous prizes and be part of a "candid" photo shoot.  See for yourselves below....
DSC_0067     DSC_0266
As part of our Community Outreach Program, we always seek to find places that we can bring equines to make the day a special one for all involved.  
As always, we left a lasting
impression and made lots of friends and memories for the folks at Smokey Springs.  The residents were presented with their photos of their day with the animals and were grateful for our visit!
DSC_0111        DSC_0092
DSC_0255        DSC_0250
IMG_2628        IMG_2605