Community Outreach Program: Somerby 2012

Can you say PRICELESS!




We had the pleasure of  being invited back to visit our friends at Somerby Assisted Living in Alpharetta on two occasions in 2012.  We were extremely fortunate to have a special guest accompany us in our most recent visit on October 4, 2012.  A wonderful man and superb photographer for CNN.  Steve will be sharing the story of our little organization and just exactly what makes us special to CNN followers.  Stay tuned!


Somerby_11   Somerby_7


The pictures of our day say it all!



Cole_1   Gambit_1


Our friend Steve...doing what he does best!  We LOVE him!!!




We are indeed the luckiest people in the whole wide world!


Somerby_13   Somerby_12