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Cole & Gambit!  The newest members of the "For The Love Of A Horse" family.....Cole, a miniature horse and Gambit, a miniature Sicilian Donkey otherwise known as "NotoriAss" (his registered name) arrived late July to join Gracie, Bishop and Sterling in their new home.  These cherished mini's are former residents of  Whisper Ranch...where the ranch is undergoing organizational restructuring as a result of being hard hit by the difficult economy.  We feel so lucky to be able help both Whisper Ranch and Cole and Gambit by taking them in and providing them with a loving home.


Cole and Gambit, will play an integral part in our Community Outreach Program.  A program which will provide opportunities for children and adults from disadvantaged circumstances to develop self-confidence, self-awareness, self discipline and promote compassion and responsibility for all animals.