Sponsors and Benefactors

We are very grateful for the support from our sponsors and benefactors without whom we couldn't do what we do for the animals or the community!

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 Mr. James Lenzer, Atlanta, GA 
Mr. Lenzer continues to be a generous supporter of ours.  His donation has been made on behalf of the Georgia Gwinnett College Women's 2013 Post-Season Tournament Soccer Team and on behalf of Jocelyn Baker who earned National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) 2013 "All American Status" (the first in program history) and "Player of the Year" status from the 2013 Association of Independent Institutions.  Way to go Jocelyn!


 Mrs. Pat Borders, Woodstock, GA 
Our most sincere thanks to Mrs. Borders for her very gracious and generous donation to our little organization and to being our new friend!  Thank you xoxo,


 Mr. Bradley Guile,  El Paso, TX 
Our sincerest thanks to him, for being a cherished friend to us and to horses. You need only visit his website/blog:  http://functionalhorsemanship.blogspot.com to understand what I mean.  He is a true champion for horses everywhere...his site is full of amazing and educational information.  The idea behind Functional Horsemanship, "Helping horses by Helping People" is to provide a forum for information relating to Care for the Horse.   We love him, not only doing what he does for horses, but for loving and revering them as we do and for sharing his knowledge with everyone.  I hope someday to get to meet Bradley in person!


 Allison & Peter Kloster,  Alpharetta, GA 
Much thanks to their generous gift and their love and belief in what we do.   You guys ROCK!


 Kimberly Burke of Synthes Vet,  West Chester, PA (Donation made on behalf of "Chief") 
Synthes Vet is dedicated to animal orthopedics, which as you can imagine has made them a critical resource for us.  Synthes has not once or twice, but three times stepped up to show their dedication and comittment to horses in need.  First, by donating our Gracie's implants (plates and screws) for her two surgeries at New Bolton, PA and now by donating the implants for Chief's surgery at UGA.  These are the best implants offered in the veterinary market today and our rescue horses have been graciously given them.   To quote our angel, Kim "If you give an abandoned/rescued horse a second chance,they will come back with such a strong will to survive....the true spirit of a horse"!  If everyone thought as Kim does, as Synthes does, as we do....what a difference could be made in the world.  We LOVE you Kimberly and Synthes!

Mr. James Lenzer,  Atlanta, GA (In Memory of Ayokunle Lumpkin & Timothy Nixon)
James has been a supporter of our little organization, not only with monetary donations, but also with his willingness to share his creative genious with us on how we can better fundraise, operate, etc.  His knowledge and willingness to help knows no boundaries.  We will graciously accept more of his help when our pace slows a little (lol).  James lost two players from the Georgia State University Men's Soccer team this year.  His contribution will help in celebrating their lives by helping others...the animals!  Also, a shout out for some good karma for the Women's Soccer team at Georgia Gwinnett College...You go girls!

Ms. Alice Talley,  Stone Mountain, GA (In Memory of Richard A. Palmieri) 
Alice has been a staunch supporter and priceless volunteer for FTLOAH...She is beautiful inside and out.  We were so lucky to have her come in to our lives...fate brought her to us and we will be forever grateful.  We LOVE you!

Lisa & Gary Setser,  Cumming, GA (In Memory of William A. Doherty, Richard A. Palmieri & Beloved "Yoda")
Lisa and Gary are volunteers and founders of FTLOAH.  Their love and dedication to our animals is unwaivering.  We've been through a lot together building and maintaining our little organization and we couldn't do it without them.  We thank them tons for their generous donations that will help our horses and future cases.  We love them lots and lots!

Ms. Kathleen Gammill,  Alpharetta, GA (Somerby Assisted Living)
We were so blessed to meet Kathleen and share our little Cole & Gambit with her on our visit to Somerby Assisted Living.  Kathleen's gift to us is a testament to the good work we are doing in making people smile and feel good.  We are so lucky to have met her and are looking forward to seeing her again soon. xoxoxo

Mrs. Denese Williams,  Cumming, GA 
Another angel of ours...another lady who is beautiful inside and out.  Giving, thoughtful and kind without end.  We are so very proud to call her our friend.  We are soooooo lucky.  xoxoxo

Mr. Steve Golton,  Alpharetta, GA (In Memory of William A. Doherty & Beloved "Yoda")
There are no words...without Steve, our little organization would be at a loss.  His kindness, generosity and dedication to us is unwaivering.  I personally thank him for his extraordinarilly generous gift to us in memory of my Father and beloved Yoda.  His kindess and thoughtfulness will never be forgotten.

William & Debra Doherty,  Floral Park, NY
For their very generous gift to us and her belief in what it is we do. We thank them with all our hearts and we will be forever grateful!

Joey & Marika Randazzo,  New York, NY
Their spirit and their very kind hearts are such a blessing.  So thankful for them and their family.  Thank you with all our hearts for your  very generous gift to us and her belief in our mission.

Mr. Ron Dean,  Acworth, GA
For his  very generous and continued donations.  His visits to the farm always give us such joy.  We love sharing our little piece of heaven with him and the horses (and donkey) love to be spoiled!

Ms. Sandra Almond,  Atlanta, GA
For her very generous gift to us and her belief in our mission. We thank her with all our hearts and we will be forever grateful!

Ms. Lee Burton,  Alpharetta, GA
For her loving donation and support of us and what we are doing to help the horses and our community!

Dr. Laura Duvall,  Georgia Equine Veterinary Services, Canton, GA
For her unending support of "For The Love Of A Horse" and her love and dedication to the animals that cross her path.  Her generosity and willingness to see our organization through tough economic times has allowed us to continue to help more and more horses.  Her knowledge, dedication and her staff is second to none.  We are and will remain forever thankful for her.   xoxoxo

Mr. & Mrs. Del Tanner,  Johns Creek, GA
For their continued support of our little organization.  Their most recent donation will help us pay down Gracie's most recent surgical bill from New Bolton Center.  There are no words to say just how grateful we are for loyal supporters like the Tanners.

 Don &  Denese Williams
For their generous and continued support of our organization.  Loving and likeminded people without whom we couldn't do what we do.  We thank you more than we could ever say.

Mr.  Gerry McInerney - Dublin, Ireland
For his very generous donation to our organization.  Mr. McInerney's donation helps us start off the new year with focus on assisting the many horses in need of critical care.

R Ranch Owners Association - Dahlonega, GA
Home is were the heart is.....Belle's owners/members generously opened up their hearts and donated to assist us in paying off Belle's surgery bill from University of Georgia.  We thank them so very much for believing in Belle and loving her enough to keep her working and living in her home at R Ranch.  We thank them with all our heart for their belief in us and our mission.

 Doc & Carole Hutcheson - Punta Gorda, FL
The Hutcheson's generously donated on behalf of "Belle".  Members of R Ranch, both Doc & Carole loved and cared for Belle.  It is because of folks like the Hutcheson's that we were able to pay down Belle's surgery bill.  We are so very thankful to them and welcome them to an ever growing list of the For The Love Of A Horse family. xoxoxo

Julie Allison, Atlanta, GA
For her generous donation and continued support of our little organization.  She is indeed a friend to us.

Mr.  John Musgrove - Plainview, NY
For his very generous donation to our organization.  Because of Mr. Musgrove, we are able to pay off a significant portion of  "Belle's" surgery bill from University of Georgia.  We thank him with all our heart for his belief in us and our mission.  His donation and others like him, enable us to do what we do for the community and the animals.

Mr. & Mrs. William A. (Bill)  Doherty - Floral Park, NY
The Doherty's donation will be used to pay down Gracie's surgical bill and ongoing expenses of the horses that are in current treatment through FTLOAH.  We are ever so grateful to them for their generous donation and belief in our mission!

Ms. Arlene McCarthy, Fort Mill, SC
For her most generous donation to For The Love Of A Horse.  Arlene is a true friend to the animals...she believes in what we are doing and her kind words, support and appreciation is more than we can ever thank her for.

Mr.  Jay Tate, Sandy Springs, GA
For his  generous donation to our organization and his continued support.   Jay has been a loyal and true friend to FTLOAH and we love him!

Mimi McKinnon, Atlanta, GA
Mimi's donation will help us pay for Gracie's surgery to fuse her fetlock.  Many, many thanks to Mimi for her  generous donation to our organization and her loving support of our mission.

Joanne Garrett, Cumming GA

Joanne's donation will assist us in the continued treatment of Rebel's sarcoids.  We thank her for her commitment  to our organization.

Carol Pope, Pittsburgh, PA

For her continued generous donations to our organization and her loving support and belief in what we do.

• Mary, Bob & Angela Litterilla, Alpharetta, GA
For their kindness and generosity in supporting the community and local rescue organizations such as ours.  Mary, Bob & Angela, of "Hold Your Horses" a boutique horse specialty business, were an integral part in getting FTLOAH some much needed exposure to our organization by allowing us to share our handcrafted gifts with their clients.  We were able to raise some much needed funds that helped us care for our ever growing family.  We love them and wish them all the best on their new adventure!  Visit their beautiful virtual store at www.holdyourhorsesllc.net.

• Derek Durham  - Durham & Taylor Supply Co., Cumming GA
Derek has so graciously supported our little organization by providing us with a venue with which to hold our fundraisers.  Without his support, we would be unable to raise the funds so desperately needed to be able to continue to help the horses we help.  He is a friend to the horses and our community.

Cherie Garcia Day - Alamo, CA
Cherie's very generous donation has been put to good use!  Our dear Gracie requires very special "shoeing" on her right hoof (we call it her "Jimmy Choo").  At $350.00 every six (6) weeks, Cherie's donation has come in very handy.  Our little Gracie has acquired very expensive taste in shoes!!!  Many, many thanks to our dear friend.

Tom Scott - Suwanee, GA
Tom's consistent donations and  support of FTLOAH enables us to do what we do best!  Tom is passionate and dedicated to the horses in our community.  He is a testament to the love and support

Jan Cook - Sandy Springs, GA
Jan's recurring donations and steadfast support of our organization, both financially and personally has enabled us to continue to do our good work.  Jan continues to give and give...there are no words to express how kind and gracious Jan is.  She is a true friend to us and an angel to horses and animals in need. 

Russell L. Weaver - Alpharetta, GA
Russell continues to be a true friend of "For The Love Of A Horse".  We thank him for his generous donations, his continued support in our fundraising efforts, unwavering friendship to Gracie, et al and his belief in our mission.

Rob & Debbie Roebuck - Ball Ground, GA
For their very generous contribution to our organization.  We were fortunate enough to meet both of these kindhearted and giving people just by chance.  As they say, everything happens for a reason and we are very grateful and blessed to have Rob and Deb as friends of FTLOAH.

 David & Christine Carroll, Gainseville, GA
Dave and Chris have long been big supporters of horses in need.  There isn't enough room on this website to describe just how much their contributions have benefited the horses they touch.  Chris is a very well respected member of the horse community and has been an integral part of  T.R.O.T. (Thoroughbred Retirement of Tampa, Inc.).

• Darlene Bozec, Cumming, GA
For her generous donation to our organization and her loving support.

• Renee Fukumoto (Artist) - Georgetown, ON -  www.ravenwood-studio.com
The beautiful portrait of "Gracie", the face of "For The Love Of A Horse", was donated to us by Renee for use by our organization.  It is a beautiful and cherished gift from her...it is indeed priceless!  Please visit Renee's website to see her other one-of-a-kind original works of art that will capture your heart.

 Bill & Joyce Mock  - Cumming, GA - www.cummingselfstorageinc.com
The Mock's graciously donated use of their storage/moving truck to assist us in transporting our sale items to their intended location for our fundraiser.  The Mock's share our commitment to our community and our love of horses and mission.

• Dan Carter (DVM, CJF)  - Madison, GA www.carterveterinaryservice.com
Dr. Dan of  Carter Veterinary Services, a full service ambulatory equine practice, has been instrumental in providing the most current  and  advanced farrier care for  "Gracie" who has very special needs. His expertise and obvious passion for what he does, makes him an integral part of our team.  We are lucky to have found him!

Lt. Bill Bourne & City of Milton Fire Department
For his generous donation of much needed hay to Whisper Ranch Horse Rescue and to the City of Milton Fire Department for their previous assistance with helping Gracie.

• Charles "Chuck" Waddell - West Palm Beach, FL
For his generous donation to our organization and passion for rescuing Greyhounds.

Cindy "Hawk" Sullivan (Farrier) - Clayton, GA - www.tribeequus.com
Cindy generously donated her time and expertise in her initial care of Gracie's feet. Cindy is an expert in caring for "barefoot horses". She will continue to be instrumental in our organization and will partner with us on existing and future horses as our organization grows.

Matt Holston - Alpharetta, GA
For his continued support in our fundraising efforts and generous donations.

Steve Golton - Johns Creek, GA
For his generous donation to "New Bolton Center" to pay OFF the balance of Gracie's hospital bill. Without his love and devotion to this project the ability to realize our wonderful website would not be possible.

Friends of Christine Marci
In loving memory of Christine Marci, a beautiful soul and dear friend to "Gracie". In lieu of flowers, a donation was made to New Bolton Center to assist in paying off Gracie's hospital bill. Christine is Gracie's guardian angel and she will be missed.

Michael McCann - Kennesaw, GA
Michael donated his time and creative vision to get "For The Love Of A Horses'" website started. His contribution is very much appreciated and we look forward to his ongoing participation in our organization.

If you are interested in supporting the work of our organization, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us.