Gracie's Story



Gracie was found by Rockdale County Animal Control on a road, likely having been hit by a car and left with what was initially diagnosed as a broken shoulder and trauma to the leg. While many would have abandoned any hope for her, volunteers worked tirelessly, providing




hours of therapy and securing a unique brace. She was taken to a special facility for physical therapy/rehabilitation in Kentucky. While there, professionals assessed her injuries and provided grim news - she had suffered a broken humerus and the trauma was exacerbated by the onset of severe arthritis severely limiting if not impairing any hopes of recovery.


Despite their best efforts, their recommendation was that Gracie be euthanized.


Regardless of the review and prognosis, we elected to seek a second opinion. Our efforts were rewarded when Dr. Dean Richardson (Kentucky Derby winner "Barbaro's" surgeon), of New Bolton Veterinary Center in Pennsylvania reviewed her x-rays and medical history. Dr. Richardson felt confident that surgery fusing portions of her humerus with the larger leg bones would permit Gracie to live a comfortable life, able to stand and walk on all four limbs.


Dr. Richardson performed the lifesaving operation in April of 2009, giving Gracie a second chance for a new beginning. Gracie continues her recovery with us at the farm, where she provides daily inspiration to visitors and volunteers alike. She is the living proof of our mission and cause.


To see videos of Gracie before AND after her surgery, please click here