Rebel's Story




Rebel is a rescued BLM mustang diagnosed with sarcoids. Sarcoids are the most common skin tumor in horses. Common sites for growth are on the ear; neck, around the eyes, on the sheath, and the limbs. The underlying cause is not known, but veterinarians suspect that a virus similar to the bovine papilloma virus of cattle is involved and is spread by flies.


Our fantastic veterinarian Dr. Laura Duvall, of Georgia Equine Veterinary Services, is taking a leading edge approach to Rebel's sarcoid treatment.  Dr. Duvall removed portions of the tumors, froze the tissue in liquid nitrogen and implanted back in to Rebel’s neck. According to Dr. Duvall, “We are trying to get the body to recognize the sarcoid as foreign and mount its own response”.


The technique has been as or more successful than conventional sarcoid treatments she has tried in the past. The tumors typically regress between 90 and 120 days after treatment, but some have taken as long as 180 days to subside.  We have seen tremendous progress/improvement in Rebel's sarcoids from his treatment in December of 2010.  It is likely he will need another treatment to further reduce the sarcoids.  Go Rebel!